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1.what are you?
2.what's your name?
3.who is your friend?
4.where is your friend now?
5.what is he? ​

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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 02:50, хамзикош
Нужно ответить на вопросы. which of the following international events would you join? which of the events would be the most efficient? which would be the most difficult to organise and take part in? why? how could you make these less difficult? how could you benefit from each event? вот мероприятия которые предлагаются 1 plant
a tree day 2 car free day 3 no electricity 4 buy nothing day 5 smile at all stranqers day
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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 22:20, liliya070
Переведите 1)мы уже ответили на 3 вопроса 2)в году мы ездили на черное море 3)сейчас мы путешествуем по стране 4)ты будешь заниматься спортом в следующем году? 5)что ты ценишь в лыдях? 6)они уже выпили чай 7)в
нашем классе 11 мальчиков 8)ты не был в школе вчера 9)вы посмотрете фильм на следующем уроке
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 22:25, hofferson
Выберете наиболее подходящее слово из двух предложенных.1. can you tell me what/that we are doing here? 2. i am not sure why/when john is here.3. ask them where/what we are going.4. i don't know when/what he will come.5. the woman who/whom is standing under the tree is my aunt.​
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 09:52, angalena
Грамматика it was a bright morning. mцr sanders his coffee when he heard a bump and a crash. a tennis ball near his feet. a window glass there was a noise at the door. he opened the door, and there stood a boy asking for his ball. “i’ll give you the ball back only when your father for the glass. it is a very expensive one. ” mr sanders was sure that the boy would ask to be forgiven. he expected to hear that it was the first time and he would never do it again. but to his surprise the boy said, “i’m really sorry, i it on purpose. please write the sum for two glasses, and my father will pay for . i can’t promise that i it again. ” “but how can you be sure to do it for the second time? ” mr sanders asked angrily. the boy explained, “i tennis for a few years, and i’m sure that each short can also be a glass breaker. ” the same confidence made this boy a champion playing for his country in the world championship some years . drink lie break pay not do they not do practise late прочитайте ниже текст. преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк, обозначенных номерами 10-15, так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. заполните пропуски полученными словами. каждый пропуск соответствует отдельному 10-15. healthy food and exercise can stimulate better learning. many of our children are eating poorly. that doesn’t mean that they have nothing to eat but the food is low quality. what’s more, almost all of them are leading lifestyles. as a result, serious and costly health problems, such as and type 2 diabetes in kids, are increasing. it is reported that one in six american children is among the many of schools is teaching children how to lead a healthy lifestyle. healthy eating does not mean staying thin or refusing from the foods you love. rather, it’s about feeling great, being more energetic, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. unfortunate active obese weight responsible realistically
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Английский язык, 12.03.2019 20:48, sonykit2006
Writing dossiera biographyнадо написать текст о древних (1000-1800) художников, скульпторов и т. д желательно по плану1. what was his/her job? 2. where was he/she born? 3. where did he/she live? 4. what were his/her famous works? 5. where can you see his/her works now? 6. what is your favourite work? используйте лексику 6 класса
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Английский язык, 13.03.2019 16:29, user666triplesix
Умоляю вас добрые, умные дюлюди . хэлп хэлп ми )) disasters happen all the time, and in many parts of the world. for example, sometimes people on islands in the south sea are by .in california, there are lost of (the one in san francisco in 1906 was very strong). an eartquake under sea can cause a , a giant wave that can kill or injure thousands of people. in some countries, when it rains heavily, there are . many people their homes. and lastly, when a like vesuvius or krakatoa erupts, it can easily everything nearby.​
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