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Read the passage and complete it with the correct verb
form (present simple, present progressive, аctive and
passive voice).

we can commonly (to identify) four basic taste sensations:
sweet, sour, bitter and salty. certain combinations of these tastes
along with texture, temperature, odour and the sensations from
the common chemical sense (to produce) a flavor. it is flavour
that (to let) us know whether we (to eat) peanuts or caviar.
many flavours (to recognize) mainly through the sense of
smell. if you hold your nose while eating chocolate, for example,
you will have trouble identifying the chocolate flavour, even
though you can (to distinguish) the food’s sweetness or bitterness.
this is because the familiar flavour of chocolate (to sense)
largely by odour. so is the wellknown flavour of coffee. this is
why a person who (to wish) to fully savour a delicious flavour,
for example, an expert chef who (to test) his own creation, will
exhale through his nose after each swallow.

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Read the passage and complete it with the correct verb form (present simple, present progressive, аc...

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