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Hello! is that ms novak?
-1. …
-2. …
-yes, certainly. a-n-n n-o-v-a-k
-thank you. where are you from?
-3. …
-4. …
-i’m polish.
-what is your hometown?
-5. …
-what are you?
-6. …
-how old are you?
7. …
a) what is your nationality? b) can you spell it, please? c) yes, i’m ann novak. d) i’m from poland. e) warsaw. f) i’m sixteen. g) i’m a first year student. i study history of art at the college. b1 восстановить диалог​

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Hello! is that ms novak? -1. …-2. …-yes, certainly. a-n-n n-o-v-a-k-thank you. where are you from? -...

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