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1. She usually . to her office at 8.30.
A. is going B. goes
C. has gone D. went
2. I . my granny last week.
A. has visited B. visits
C. was visiting D. visited
3. Look! It . heavily.
A. is raining B. rains
C. is going to rain D. has rained
4. When I left home the sun . .
A. shone B. shines
C. was shining D. is shining
5. He . lunch at school yesterday.
A. was having B. had
C. has D. has had
6. I . my music lesson yet.
A. didn’t do B. hadn’t done
C. hasn’t done D. wasn’t doing
7. She . since 5 o’clock.
A. works B. has been working
C. was working D. has worked
8. He has a great influence . me.
A. at B. by
C. on D. after
9.They always buy all the necessary things
A. themselves B. theyselves
C. theirselves D. themselfs
10. Apples . on the trees.
A. grow B. have grown
C. grown D. are grown
11. English . all over the world.
A. is spoken B. speaks
C. are spoken D. speak
12. The flowers . in the evening.
A. be bought B. will buy
C. will be bought D. buy
13. We . on a show, if we get tickets.
A. will go B. go
C. have gone D. are going
14. If I . to bed late, I’ll see the sunset.
A. going B. go
C. will go D. am going
15. He is the . tennis player in our
A. goodest B. better
C. good D. best
16. It is the . dangerous route.
A. most B. much
C. more D. many
17. I don’t like pizza. . do I.
A. No B. Either
C. So D. Neither
18. I bought two icecreams. . did
A. So B. Such
C. No D. Also
19. John . Peter to go away.
A. said B. answered
C. asked D. wondered
20. Peter wanted to know if Robert .
to London.
A. was B. was being
C. had been D. has been
21. The play . yesterday was a great
A. performing B. was performed
C. performed D. was performing
22. The man . to Tim is my brother.
A. talking B. talked
C. being talked D. was talking
23. I don’t want her . my questions.
A. answering B. answer
C. being answered D. to answer
24. Mum always . me go where I want
A. having let B. lets
C. to let D. letting
25. I heard John . the violin.
A. playing B. to play
C. played D. being played
26. I like reading books . art.
A. in B. about
C. on D. for
27. My Mum . cooking by that time.
A. finished B. was finishing
C. had finished D. has finished
28. She said that Madrid . the capi
tal of Spain.
A. has been B. was
C. had been D. is
29. John wrote they . Alaska.
A. were reaching B. reached
C. have reached D. had reached
30. They voted . this law.
A. for B. on
C. about D. under
31. Judging . her words he is a rude
A. about B. for
C. by D. at
32. I . to Spain at 11 o’clock on
A. fly B. will be flying
C. am flying D. will fly

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Сочинение на тему моя детская комната на ! перевидите на ! моя комната красивая. она простая и удобная. в моей комнате обои кофейного цвета. на полу установлен светлый ломинат, он красивый! по середине установлено большое
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1. She usually . to her office at 8.30. A. is going B. goes C. has gone D. went 2. I . my granny la...

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