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Практическое занятие No 1-2 Tema: Using articles.
We use a or an the first time we mention something. When we mention it again, we use the.
I saw a beautiful vase in an antique shop a few days ago. When I went back to the shop yesterday, the
vase wasn't there any more!
2 We do not use the:
a when we talk about people of things in general. Dogs make very good pets.
b with the names of people and countries American people eat a lot of fast food. c. with many place names
2.Vocabulary: Geographical features
Len: An article is a word used to modify a noun. In other words, we use articles to point out or refer to
nouns in conversation and writing. If you are referring to a specific noun, use the definite article 'the'.
To choose the appropriate indefinite article, pay attention to the sound that the noun begins with.​

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Практическое занятие No 1-2 Tema: Using articles.We use a or an the first time we mention something....

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