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Task 1. Fill in the correct word.

1. Let’s sit in the shade\shadow for a while.

2. As the sun went down we cast long shades\shadows on the lawn.

3. She was the innocent victim\sacrifice of an arson attack.

4. Her parents made victims\sacrifices so that she could have a good education.

5. The contrasts between rich and poor nations are a source of discord\accord.

6. The two sides signed a peace discord\accord last July.

7. How will these changes affect\effect us?

8. What are the long-term affects\effects of this treatment?

9. He speaks clearly and without affection\affectation.

10. He didn't show his wife any affection\affectation.

Task 2. Fill in the correct preposition.

1. I'm dying a glass of water.

2. The sound of their laughter died .

3. This species has nearly died because its habitat is being destroyed.

4. When the applause had died , she began her speech.

Task 3. Choose one or ones.

1. This jacket is very old. I need a new

2. 2 Small oranges are sweeter than big

3. 3 The new laptops are much faster than the old

4. 4 Which is your car, the black or the white ?

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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 23:20, sdfsdfsddf
Перевести предложения из прямой в косвенную речь. -what your full name? -when and where were you born? -did you have a nice trip from spain? -have you ever been to creat britain before? -do you like the country? -what subjects would you like to study? -what are your mars in english and history? -how long have you been studying english? -have you have already
taken the test? -do you have any heath problems?
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1. (to visit, visit, visiting) a national park can(to be, be, being) a wonderful way of (to spend, spend, spending) a day , but are these parks worthwhile or do they have too many drawbacks? 2. in addition, national parks make it possible for animals to have more space and freedom than they can (to have, have, having) in zoos and allow children to see animals (to wander, wander,
wandering) freely instead of (to live, live, living) behind bars. 3. however, some people object to (to keep, keep, keeping) animals in national parks. 4. they believe that animals should (to live, live, living) in their natural habitats and shouldn't be used as a form of entertainment for visitors to these parks. 5. all in all, it would (to appear, appear, appearing) that national parks
do have some advantages, but there are also several drawbacks to (to keep, keep, keeping) animals in them. 6. perhaps it is time we started (worked, work, working) to protect animals in their natural environments.
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Write a the question using where, what, now, when. 1. the girls are sitting on the balcony. 2. that dress looks great on you! 3. my sister studies in australia. 4. i'm wearing a jumper and a scarf. 5. it's cold in norway now. 6. harry lives wearing ties. 7. no, it isn't raining but it's freezing
here! 8. we are staying at a hotel. 9. he works in a bank. 10. elsa always wakes up at 7: 30 am. буду ! ​
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Написать сочинение на тему "education is the key to success"
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Use the infinitive or the gerund 1.every summer i look forward to(to gather) the harvest in our garden. 2. she took my hand and kept on (to laugh). 3. show me what (to do). 4.i suggest her (to read) poetry to the children. 5.when there were no telephones people used (to write) letters. 6.these words are difficult (to interpret). 7. i offered (to open) the door for the guests as all the rest were busy in the kitchen. 8.he was said (to be) a good scientist. 9. you will not succeeded in (to spend) a lot of advertising. 10.i don't get used (to eat) spicy food.
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There a nice woman in the kitchen. вставьте пропущенное слаов
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Task 1. Fill in the correct word.1. Let’s sit in the shade\shadow for a while.2. As the sun went dow...

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