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Тренажёр по русскому языку 2 класс ст.73 номер9 измени число имён существительных. выдели орфаграмму жи ши

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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 10:50, pankuznetsov
Вставте пропущеные слова: ! you're going to hit the tree. he's wearing a it's cold today policemen this hat? andy gren now.
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Английский язык, 10.03.2019 21:18, kateryna264
Переведите глаголы в неправильные глаголы !
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 10:17, hiohio
Viii. put the following into direct speech: 1. she told him that she would help him. 2. she told arnold that she was very grateful to him. 3. she said that maurice was so strange that day. 4. she asked him to come in. 5. tony told helen that she had said that previous week. 6. stella warned him if he didn’t hurry up he would be too late. 7. he asked john if that was a wig he was wearing. 8. constance told richard that it had been very nice to see him. 9. he advised her not to hesitate to say anything she wanted to say. 10. mrs. tabret said that she had known him some years before in india. 11. mrs. miller asked him what the picture was like. 12. he said that he had never met her. 13. they said that they had not expected him that day. 14. she asked him what was wrong and if he was ill. 15. she asked him why he didn’t offer to help her to cut the sandwiches. 16. she asked him if he would come back that day. 17. she told tony that she wanted to talk to him sometime. 18. maurice told stella that she was the best dancer he had ever danced with. 19. she asked him to come in and eat a sandwich before it got cold. 20. he told them that he could bring the cheese and they would have coffee there instead of in the office.
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 18:18, ananaaaas11
Раскройте скобки, употребляя past indefinite или past continuous, present indefinite или present continuous 1. you (see) him yesterday? -yes, he (to stand) in the hall laughing. 2. i (to do) a lot of work everu day. 3. my friends (to talk) right now. 4. simon met his wife while she (to work) at his hospital. 5. gene (to eat) dinner when his friend called. 6. last year we (to visit) the states. 7. my mother (to hate) smoking. 8. i didn't want to meet paul so when he entered the room i (to leave).
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Английский язык, 14.03.2019 05:40, dlyaigrmoih1
Составьте вопрос из предложенных слов. первое и последнее слово подчеркнуты: be? you afamous you if pop could singer, who become would
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Английский язык, 14.03.2019 21:19, kochanovaleksa
Данный текст нужно сильно сократить для пересказа ​
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Тренажёр по русскому языку 2 класс ст.73 номер9 измени число имён существительных. выдели орфаграмму...

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